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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General provisions and definitions:

The boats are equipped with an engine so it won’t be a problem if your friends are not as fit as you thought. We won’t abandon you to float to Germany.

2 Can I pay in cash?

You can book at our Ticket Office (Celetná 12, Prague 1 – just off Old Town Square), open daily from 09:00 to 22:00 and pay in cash. We have an ATM in the office.

3 Do I need to book in advance?

The longer you book in advance the higher the chance that a cycle boat will be available. Often booking one day in advance is enough if you are a little flexible with your start time. Even same-day bookings might work out, just shoot us a message or give us a call. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are busier than the rest of the week.

4 What are the minimum and the maximum number of passengers?

The minimum number of passengers is 4. The maximum number of passengers is 11 per boat and 22 if both boats are booked together. If you ask us to supply a barkeeper the maximum number of passengers is reduced to 10 per boat. Each boat has 10 adjustable cycle seats with pedals and one seat without pedals.

5 Do we have to sign a waiver or anything before departure?

Before departure, you will receive safety instructions and we will ask you to sign a waiver.

6 Can I bring my dog??

Pets are not allowed on the Cycle Boat.

7 What is the cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is as follows: Cancellation between 8 calendar days before your ride: You will receive an 80% refund Cancellation within 7 calendar days before your ride: You will not receive a refund

8 Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No, but food and drinks can be preordered with us. If you have any special requests that are not covered by our extras packages please just get in touch with us.

9 Can we swim in the river?

Swimming in the river is not allowed and not recommended.

10 Are Cycle Boats suitable for children?

Yes, Cycle Boats are great fun for the whole family, kids’ birthdays and school trips and kids are more than welcome to join any tour as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

11 What are the rules?

Our captains have the right to terminate the ride in case participants fail to follow the captain’s instructions, listen to warnings or break the law. Kids are welcome on the boat but we don’t serve alcohol to anyone under 18. We have to ask you not to bring your own drinks. You are not allowed to swim in the river or throw anything into the water.

12 What about music on the boat?

We have you covered. We have Bluetooth speakers on board and you are welcome to bring your own music and Bluetooth devices. Otherwise, the captain can double as a DJ.

13 What about toilet breaks?

We advise all customers to go to the toilet before the ride. We can stop at public toilets but it will take time to dock the boat and it will cut into the time of the ride.

14 What happens if the weather is bad?

Like other city tours and outdoor experiences our rides also happen when it rains. The boat is equipped with a roof that will protect us from anything but the very worst weather conditions. We will take the roof off only when it’s dry.

15 What about safety?

We take safety very seriously. Our Cycle Boats are brand new. They were built in 2019 in the Czech Republic. They have all necessary Czech and EU certificates. Our captains, as required by law, have licenses. The river, called Vltava (or Moldau in German), is calm and the current is not too strong. Of course, there are life vests for everyone on board. We reserve the right to cancel trips in case weather or other conditions would make it dangerous to go ahead. This may happen, for example, in the event of a flood or very high water levels. If this happens we will refund your booking in full. If a passenger’s behavior endangers the rest of the group we reserve the right to end the right.

16 How hard is it to pedal?

It is not hard at all, the boat comes equipped with an engine so if you are having difficulty or feeling tired the captain will operate it.


The rides start at Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 1, Prague 1, between “U Bukanýra houseboat ” and “Botel Albatros”. Please make sure to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the tour. We are flexible with the route. In 1.5 hours it’s roughly possible to cover the stretch between Štvanice Island in the North and Střelecký Island in the South. That doesn’t mean you have to go all the way or we can’t linger on the way. To go further we’d have to go through locks and that’s only possible for longer rides (e.g. 3h).