Prague Cycle Boat

Pedal. Drink. Pedal.

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Stunning Views

Discover Prague’s UNESCO Old Town, float past major sights like Charles Bridge and incredible panoramas and photo opportunities.

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Irresistible Extras

Make it boozy with 30 liters of ice-cold premium Czech beer, Prosecco or Wine packs and a cute barkeeper. Pizza is also available.

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Perfect for Groups

Our pedal boats have space for up to 11 passengers. We supply a licensed captain who remains sober.

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420 EUR or 10.500 CZK


460 EUR or 11.500 CZK


500 EUR or 12.500 CZK

Discover Prague from the river with the only cycle boats in European waters. This eco-friendly social experience is perfect for sightseeing, teambuilding, parties, stag or hen tours.


  1. Cycle Boat. Party Boat. Pedal Bar.
    Europe’s only cycle boat is built to facilitate social interaction with eleven passengers and the captain seated around a table top. Ten passengers have adjustable bike seats. The table doubles as a bar complete with beer tap and in-built drains and cooler. The boat is also equipped with a support engine.

  2. Friendly Staff
    Our experienced, licensed captains and barkeepers are fantastic company. They speak excellent English and are knowledgeable tour guides who know Prague inside-out.

  3. Duration
    The standard tour takes 1.5 hours and cover between Charles Bridger and Štvanice Island incl. Charles Bridge. Views of Prague's bridges and spires, the Old Town, Letna Park and Mala Strana, with the world's largest castle complex looming over it, are breathtaking throughout. Three-hour tours are also possible and lead past Střelecký Island, the Legion Bridge and National Theater, the Dancing Building, Náplavka all the way to Vyšehrad fortress.

  4. Safety
    Our boat is brand new, made in the Czech Republic and come with all necessary Czech and EU certifications. Views are breAs required by law our captains are licensed. There is one new life vest on board for each passenger.


One and a half hours is roughly enough time to go to Štvanice and then all the way upstream, through Charles Bridge and then head back (see map). Three-hour rides are also possible. With the extra time we can go through the locks, past the Dancing Building and Náplavka to Vyšehrad fortress.

Dvořák Embankment

Dvořákovo nábřeží

Štvanice Island

Villa Štvanice

Letna Park

Prague Metronome & Hanavská Pavilion

Straka Academy

Seat of Government


Concert Hall

Prague Castle

St. Vitus Cathedraleaorge's Basilica

Charles Bridge

Smetana, Kafka and Kampa Museums


Meeting Point: Dvorák Embankment

Meet your captain on the Dvořák Embankment (Dvořákovo nábřeží) close to Čech Bridge (Čechův most). Please make sure to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

Ticket Office

Cycle Boats can be booked on this website or at the Discover Prague Ticket office just off Old Town Square: Celetná 12, Prague 1. However if you already have a ticket the meeting point is Pier 5 where the boat docks.

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